All orders must be picked up by they person who’s name is registered for the sale.

Q & A

All dock sale orders go through our online store. If you don’t see the beer you are looking for, we are currently out of stock with that brand. Inventory is updated every Tuesday and Friday. Requests can be made up to two weeks in advance.


What’s available:

Every week we have an amount of our core brands made available for dock sales. This includes 20L and 50L of Pilsner, Breakside Stout, Breakside IPA, Lunch Break ISA, Stay West IPA, and Wanderlust IPA. There are times in which some brands may not be available but we try to keep a good stock in house. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide taps or keg buckets.



We offer dock sales in 2 different sizes.

  • 20L = approximately 40 pints
  • 50L = approximately 105 pints


We require a $100 refundable deposit on all kegs, regardless of size. This deposit can be in the form of credit card, and will be refunded to you when you return the keg to the brewery.
Once we have confirmed that your keg is ready for pickup, we ask that you pick up the keg at our Milwaukie taproom, located at 5821 SE International Way, Milwaukie, OR 97222. Plan on picking the keg up during our regular taproom hours, which are:
Mon-Thurs (3-9 PM)
Fri-Sun (12-9 PM)
A required form from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission will need to be filled out upon pickup.


Returning the keg:

Please return the keg to our Milwaukie brewery during regular taproom hours, upon which time your deposit will be refunded. See taproom hours listed above. The cost of the beer depends on the size of the keg:
$80 for a 20L
$160 for a 50L
This means the cost at the time of pickup is $100 + the cost of the beer.