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Hail Nelson


Southern Hemisphere IPA
Availablity: March-April

Hail Nelson is a new West Coast IPA loaded with Southern Hemisphere hops, including the highly sought after variety Nelson Sauvin. The hops that come from Australia and New Zealand have a markedly different aroma profile than those that are grown in the US and Europe. They show notes of lime, white wine, guava, passionfruit, melon, dried apricots, sweet mint, and musk. High in oil content, these hops are sometimes described as petrol-like, waxy, and rich. We love blending them with American grown hops in many of our IPAs, but for Hail Nelson we wanted to put these hops front and center, so here you get an unadulterated sense of the fruity and complex character of these hops. Cheers!


  • IBU 46
  • ABV 6.1

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