Featured Releases

  • Strata Strata Strata

    A Pale Ale Showcasing Our Selected Strata Lots From This Year's Hop Harvest. Our new series of double dry hopped pale ales, each showcasing a particular lot of a particular varietal of hops from this past year's harvest. This sort of focused release is a twist on the old "single hop IPA", refined to a new level of nerdery that brewers and consumers can both appreciate.
    • 5.6% ABV
    • 45 IBU
    • Kegs,Cans
  • Celebrity Crush

    For the ninth installment of our in-state collaborations, we have teamed up with our friends out of Bend, OR, 10 Barrel Brewing. Celebrity Crush begins its life as a 28 deg Plato Baltic Porter, which we blend with a small portion of fruited sour beer and a larger portion of chocolaty barrel-aged Stout. The blend then saw additional conditioning on vanilla and blueberry to create the ultimate winter dessert porter.

    Blueberries, Vanilla, Brown Sugar

    • 10.8% ABV
    • 30 IBU
    • Kegs,Cans
  • Perpetual Motion

    Our ninth out-of-state collaboration is with Cambridge Brewing Company from Cambridge, Massachusetts. The base beer is a strong blonde bock, fermented cool, which is supplemented with agave nectar and Washington-grown gewurztraminer grapes. 

    honeyed, rich, multitudinous

    • 23 ABV
    • 10% IBU
    • 22oz,Kegs
  • What Peaches and What Penumbras!

    What Peaches and What Penumbras! celebrates the beautiful marriage of mixed fermentation beer and stone fruit, specifically nectarines and peaches. Every year we bring in several thousand pounds of both of these fruits from local orchards, crush them by hand and add them to a mix of barrels and blends. The bottle in your hands is the labor of love that comes from that work.

    Peaches and Nectarines

    • 6.65% ABV
    • 22oz,Kegs

    Our eighth out-of-state collaboration is with Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co from Buellton, California. Kevin Ashford and his team at Fig Mountain make some of the best beer in all of California, and we've long admired the full range of styles that they put out. Above all, though, it's their love of lagers, and expertise in making them, that really inspires us. For this collaboration, we wanted to put together a full flavored, bright golden lager that suited the climate of the California coast. Imagine the beer you'd want to drink if Oktoberfest were held in Big Sur rather than Munich. 

    puff pastry, lemony tea, wildflower honey

    • 5.7% ABV
    • 29 IBU
    • Kegs,Cans

    Our goal was to make a DIPA that was as pure an expres­sion of hop character as possible. with little interference from esters, yeast. or malt sweetness. The hops in question are Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin. Waimea. and Comet-- two North American stunners that provide huge amounts of grapefruit, berry, mango, and sweet pine. The two Southern Hemisphere varietals, known for their intensity, add in notes of petrol. cantaloupe. papaya. and white Bordeaux. Who is Giuseppe Warlock you ask? He (or she?) is the Keyser Soze of Northwest hops, the talisman of clear IPAs, a graffito scrawled in a bathroom, a Nessie, perhaps real perhaps not, an unsubstantiated belief, and the spiritual godparent of this delicious beer.


    • 8 ABV
    • 76 IBU
    • Kegs,Cans
  • Starstruck

    We were honored that John agreed to brew with us as part of our anniversary collaborations. Starstruck seemed Like an apt name for the beer that we made together. This West Coast IPA features the new Talus hop, a neomexicanus varietal with distinctive notes of coconut. ceda and Froot Loop's. We paired it with some of our favorite supporting players like Cashmere and Eldorado, as well as a healthy dose of Mosaic to provide some familiarity. The result is a modern West Coast IPA that is bright frutiy, and layered. Cheers!


    • 6.7 ABV
    • 61 IBU
    • 22oz,Kegs
  • India Golden Ale

    Our popular "golden double IPA" returns for two months. This beer first debuted in 2013 as a collaboration with our good friends at Ninkasi Brewing. It was a trendsetter when it was first released on draft as it highlights the route that lots of new hop bombs are headed: light in body, lighter in color, and huge tropical flavors and aroma.

    Candied Pineapple, Tropical Fruit, Berries

    • 8.3 ABV
    • 70 IBU
    • 1/2 BBL,50L,1/6 BBL,22oz,Kegs
  • Salted Caramel Stout

    A collaboration with Salt & Straw Ice Cream, this has been one of our most popular beers over the past few years. The base beer is a full-bodied stout, and we add both sea salt and a specially made caramel to the wort before fermentation. The finished beer is rich and balanced with a luscious caramel flavor in the aroma and mid-palate, a hint of salt in the finish, and a smooth, rich roast character.


    • 7.2 ABV
    • 33 IBU
    • 22oz,Kegs

Breakside pushes the boundaries of technique and flavor while maintaining a delicious profile in everything it creates.

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Breakside Brewery opened in 2010 in Northeast Portland as a restaurant and pub brewery and has grown to be a highly regarded regional brewery producing 30,000 barrels annually. The brewery is known for its broad portfolio of award-winning, innovative beers. In 2013, Breakside expanded operations to Milwaukie, OR with a production facility and taproom capable of producing 40,000 barrels of beer per year. The brewery opened its third location in 2017— a lively brewpub in the Slabtown district of Northwest Portland. In 2019, Breakside became one of only a handful of employee-owned breweries in the country.


In addition to winning many national, international, and regional awards for its beers, Breakside was named Brewery of the Year in 2017 and 2019 at the Oregon Beer Awards and the 2018 Best of Craft Beer Awards. Breakside sells beer on draft and in package in Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Massachusetts, and Northern California.