Year Round

Bottles & Draft

    Breakside IPA

    evergreen, citrus and tropical fruit

    • 6.2 ABV
    • 73 IBU
    • 22oz,Kegs,Cans

    Wanderlust IPA

    dank, tropical, orange

    • 6.2 ABV
    • 64 IBU
    • 22oz,Kegs,Cans

    Rainbows & Unicorns

    Peach, Breakfast Cereal, Pineapple, Juicy fruit

    • 5.1 ABV
    • 30 IBU
    • 6 Pack,Kegs

    Stay West

    mango, pineapple and apricot

    • 7 ABV
    • 63 IBU
    • 6 Pack,Kegs

    Breakside Pilsner

    grass, herbal, spicy, bready, crisp

    • 5 ABV
    • 28 IBU
    • 22oz,6 Pack,Kegs

    True Gold

    very light hop flavor sans heavy bitterness

    • 5.1 ABV
    • 18 IBU
    • 6 Pack,Kegs

Core Seasonal

    Tall Guy IPA


    Tall Guy IPA is an ode to the Citra hop. Citra is one of our absolute favorite varietals to use: It has soft tropical notes, clean orange, a touch of juicy fruit, and a hard-to-pin-down quality that reminds many of our brewers of Fruity Pebbles.
    • 7.1 ABV
    • 57 IBU
    • 22oz,Kegs

    Passionfruit Sour

    Tart, Passionfruit, Wheat

    100% sour fermented wheat ale, inspired by German Berliner weisse and conditioned on passionfruit. Bronze medal winner at the 2013 Great American Beer Festival!
    • 5 ABV
    • 31 IBU
    • 22oz,Kegs

    Salted Caramel Stout


    A collaboration with Salt & Straw Ice Cream, this has been one of our most popular beers over the past few years. The base beer is a full-bodied stout, and we add both sea salt and specially made caramel to the wort before fermentation. The finished beer is rich and balanced with a luscious caramel flavor in the aroma and mid-palate, a hint of salt in the finish, and a smooth, rich roast character.
    • 7.2 ABV
    • 33 IBU
    • 22oz,Kegs