Black & Tan

Wait, a black and tan? Isn’t that a blend of stout and pale ale? Or porter and lager? Or beer and cider? Yes, yes, and no– that last one is a Snakebite, but let us tell you about Breakside Black & Tan. We love the idea of blending dark and light beers to make something that’s different and distinct, more than the sum of its parts. We thought that we’d give it a shot and release our own version.

Our take on this age-old idea veers into some uncharted territory by using BOURBON BARREL-AGED STOUT as the ‘black’ component. The ‘tan’ is made from young golden beer and some Bourbon barrel-aged Scottish ale. The 40/60 blend of aged and young beer pops with flavor, yet manages to stay easy drinking.


whiskey highball, milk chocolate, sweet caramel

  • IBU 19
  • ABV 8.4
  • Packaging 22oz,Kegs

Black & Tan AWARDS


  • North American Beer Awards Gold Medal / Barrel-Aged Stouts
  • Best of Craft Beer Awards Bronze Medal / Barrel-Aged Stouts


  • Best of Craft Beer Awards Silver Medal / Barrel-Aged Stouts
  • Japan International Beer Cup Silver Medal / Barrel-Aged Stouts
  • North American Beer Awards Silver Medal / Barrel-Aged Stouts

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