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Double Wanderlust

What a better way to inaugurate our new ‘supersized’ canning line and to debut our 19.2 oz cans than with a supercharged version of one of our flagship IPAs! Now, just to be clear, this is not actually just Wanderlust brewed with the same recipe to a higher alcohol level. This beer is a kissing cousin to our beloved Wanderlust, but it comes by its merits on its own. In fact, we had to dig back towards the origin story of Wanderlust to create some direction for this new beer. Some longtime Breakside fans will remember that Wanderlust itself was actually spawned from a double IPA that we used to make called India Golden Ale. So with this, things almost come full circle: double IPA begets IPA begets double IPA, and the DNA from India Golden Ale is alive and well in this new Doubel Wanderlust.
In fact, we triangulated between the hop bills of IGA and Wanderlust, honoring both by keeping the beer grounded in Mosaic, Chinook, and Eldorado while pulling in learnings from some of our other favorite IPAs in recent memory. Nelson Sauvin gets a prominent place in the dry hop here, to bring some distinctive notes of resin and grapefruit, and a light malt bill featuring a mix of Two Row and Pilsner provides balance while staying out of the way of a classic West Coast hop expression.

tangerine and pomelo; resinous, oily, and catty; tropical, candied hop

  • Availability 50L Draft and 19.2 oz Cans
  • IBU 45
  • ABV 8.4
  • Hops Mosaic, Chinook, Nelson Sauvin, Eldorado
  • MALT Two Row, Canadian Pilsner
  • Packaging 50L,Cans

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