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Black Swift Stout

Don’t you sort of miss the days when you could wander into your local pub and know that there’d be a classic porter, amber, or stout on tap? You know, it’s an occasional yen for something other than an IPA or a lager, a moment when you want a malty ale that isn’t gussied up with any funny stuff. We’re not immune to nostalgia, and we miss those beers too, so we figured, let’s brew one and see what people think.
Here is our stout. It’s just a stout. We aren’t trying to do anything fancy with it. It’s roasty; it’s satiating but not sweet or heavy; it’s got enough balance to keep things drinkable. Sure there’s some nuance to the malt, but this isn’t the sort of beer you’re supposed to nerd out over. Enjoy it mindlessly, with some friends at a pub, or on your own as you read, or while you shoot the shit with some folks you hardly know. Drink it at the kind of bar where the beer list is wide ranging, the sort of place that made you excited about good beer in the first place. 

roasty, malty, chocolatey

  • IBU 22
  • ABV 6%
  • MALT Two Row, Scottish Pale, Chocolate, Crystal 60L, Crystal 120L, Roast Barley
  • Packaging Kegs

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