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True Gold

The only new year-round brew that the brewery plans to introduce this year, True Gold made its way to this esteemed position in part due to its drinkability and approachability. Galaxy and Mosaic hops are balanced out with a light maltiness, resulting in a lager-like beer that is contemporary in its very light hop flavor with very little bitterness. Edmunds continued, “This is the kind of beer you want at the end of hike, after a day skiing, or while relaxing with friends after work.” The brewing team’s hope? That True Gold will bring back memories of falling in love with craft beer.


very light hop flavor sans heavy bitterness

  • IBU 18
  • ABV 5.1
  • Hops Galaxy, Mosaic
  • Packaging 6 Pack,Kegs

True Gold AWARDS


  • Best of Craft Beer Awards Bronze Medal / English-Style Summer Ale, Pale Ale, or IPA


  • Oregon Beer Awards Silver Medal / Golden, Blonde and Light Ales

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