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Cuddle Puddle


Meet Cuddle Puddle! It’s taken us over 4 years and more than 15 pilot batches to finally bring this beer to the big dance and release it widely in draft and cans. That seems pretty crazy when the way of the beer world right now is to package every new recipe, variant, and one-off, right? Why take so long when you don’t have to? Easy: this beer was too good, and we didn’t want to screw it up when it finally got its shot.

Cud Pud, as we affectionately call it, has got loads of thiol-derived richness from Oregon-grown Strata hops that provide big mid-palate pops of blueberry and passionfruit. We complement that with some Citra, also grown in the Willamette Valley, that blasts in with some top notes of tangerine, lime, coriander, and a floral-hay situation. We folded in a bit of Simcoe and Nelson Sauvin for some mild resin and musk, but these are really just accent notes that are there to allow the Oregon hops to shine.

It’s not just Oregon hops that make this beer fit squarely in the Northwest-vein of West Coast IPA. The ABV is milder than many of the California-inspired IPAs that we have brewed in the last few years, and some mild malt ballast allows notes of brown sugar and sweetened cereal to keep the finish nice and smooth. This is a modern NW IPA made for enjoying with friends as cool weather and rainy days set in– get ready for winter and cozy up!


soft tropical fruit, brown sugar, passionfruit, blueberry

  • IBU 52
  • ABV 6%
  • Hops Strata, Citra, Simcoe, Nelson Sauvin
  • MALT Two Row, CaraMalt, Ashburne Mild
  • Packaging 6 Pack,Kegs,Cans

Cuddle Puddle AWARDS


  • Oregon Beer Awards Gold Medal / American Pale Ale and Other Hoppy Session Beers


  • Best of Craft Beer Awards Gold Medal / American Pale Ale

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