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Finders Keepers

We kick off our 2023 series of barrel-aged stouts with Finders Keepers. The centerpiece of this blend is some 15 month old American Imperial Stout– largely inspired by the iconic Expedition Stout that Bell’s Brewery has perfected over the last 3 decades. This beer abounds with huge notes of char, roast, licorice, and molasses. After 15 months in a mix of rye whiskey and Kentucky Bourbon barrels, it begins to round out, but it still retains a lot of punch. It’s a beer that begs to be blended.

Enter our imperial milk stout, aged even longer in a mix of Bourbon and Oregon whiskey barrels. This is one of our favorite beers. It has a huge body with distinct notes of grape candy, eggnog, and chocolate syrup. It is the perfect foil to the other stout’s bitter and roasty spikes.

The finished blend showcases a wonderfully clean rye whiskey expression as well. It is lightly floral and fruity with a distinct peppery-grainy note. We hope you enjoy this twist on a classic whiskey-barrel aged imperial stout and that the nuances of the blend shine through as you dig into a bottle or snifter!


roast, spice cake, licorice, hot fudge sauce

  • Availability Limited Release 2023
  • IBU 25
  • ABV 12.6
  • Packaging 22oz,Kegs

Finders Keepers AWARDS


  • Australian International Beer Awards Gold Medal / Barrel-Aged Stouts
  • North American Beer Awards Bronze Medal / Barrel-Aged Stouts

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