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Industry Baby

Lager! We’ve long enjoyed making lagers at Breakside. These beers are universally loved by our brewers, and for good reason: they are refreshing, smooth, drinkable, clean, and complex. We’re excited to see that our customers are enjoying these styles more and more each year.

Industry Baby is a new take on a Gilded Age American pilsner, with an expressive hop aroma from U.S. grown varietals of European-lineage. Mt Hood hops, grown just 30 minutes away from our brewery, are the heart and soul of this beer, and they give the beer a taste that bridges European refinement and American pungency. Soft water, high bitterness, and a medium body work together to create a beer that is clean, aromatic, and refreshing. Compared to our flagship Pilsner, this version is a little fuller on the palate with a fruitier and less spicy hop profile, but it retains the easygoing drinkability that has made Pilsner the most popular beer style in the world for nearly the past two centuries.


crackery, melon, lemon zest, sweet herbs

  • Availability Limited 2023-24
  • IBU 39
  • ABV 5.3
  • Hops Mt. Hood
  • MALT German Pilsner, Carafoam
  • Packaging Kegs,Cans

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