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Let Your Indulgence Set Me Free


We are thrilled to debut our latest barrel-aged concoction, Let Your Indulgence Set Me Free. We blended this stout with our friends from Single Hill Brewing in Yakima, Washington. This project was an illuminating ‘meeting of the minds’ as we merged our philosophies for brewing and blending as well as beer from both breweries in this stout.

The majority of the beer in the final blend comes from the Breakside wood cellar. Just over two-thirds is a ‘modernized’ version of our longstanding imperial stout, The Oligarch. We affectionately refer to this version as “Double Oligarch” because it is a bigger, louder, sweeter, more aggressive version of what was once our standard-bearer BA Stout, and roughly equal parts of chocolate, crystal, roast and black malts allow us to drive a wide range of malt artifacts into the beer.

The remainder of the blend includes stout brewed and aged at Single Hill. We used their Overstory Stout aged in peated American whiskey barrels. They favor stouts that are a little drier than Breakside’s, which makes for well-articulated malt and wood flavors, and their beer added subtle hints of smoke, milk chocolate, and salinity. To round out the beer, we added 2 casks of “triple” stouts. What is a ‘triple stout’ exactly? These are sweet and luscious high gravity beers that go through an extended cold aging before going into barrels. They are the ‘magic shell’ or ‘gloss’ of our barrel program and offer complex notes of raisin and maple, as well as enhance the silkiness of a finished blend.


bittersweet chocolate, burnt marshmallow, light peat, Kentucky hug

  • IBU 28
  • ABV 12.7

Let Your Indulgence Set Me Free AWARDS


  • Australian International Beer Awards Silver Medal / Barrel-Aged Stouts


  • Japan International Beer Cup Gold Medal / Barrel-Aged Stouts
  • North American Beer Awards Bronze Medal / Barrel-Aged Stouts

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