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My Homie IPA

My Homie is a light-as-can-be IPA that we originally designed at our Slabtown brewpub to be a showcase for Cashmere and Nectaron hops.  When we first encountered Cashmere seven years ago or so, we loved the notes of fruit cocktail and melon that the beer had, but it also had a distinctive woodiness that made it hard to work with. We saw potential in this to be a great hop for IPA, so we persisted, pairing it with a Nectaron, which is redolent with overripe fruit and oily resinous notes, and eventually My Homie was born.

This beer is modeled in the same vein as most of our recent West Coast IPAs. It is very light and dry and, like all great IPA, elegantly bitter.  The hop profile is really distinctive, though. The Cashmere is front and center here, while Mosaic–in a rare supporting role–provides some recognizable tropical and dank notes. The result is a beer that is loaded with notes of peach, cantaloupe, strawberry, lemon, and mango, a distinctive bouquet, different from a lot of other IPAs, but still definitively in the box in terms of flavor and aroma for modern West Coast India Pale Ale.


melon, bright fruit, pina colada

  • Availability April-May 2024
  • IBU 48
  • ABV 7
  • Hops Cashmere, Nectaron, Mosaic
  • MALT Two Row, Vienna, CaraFoam
  • Packaging Kegs,Cans

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