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Stars on Ice!

Double IPAs used to be such a drag! They were hard to make, didn’t stay fresh for very long, and most of the time, people wanted their IPAs in an everyday size. But something’s changed in the last few years! Now we have access to more refined hops– concentrated pellets, aromatic flowables, isolated terpenes, new varietals with novel oil profiles, hop boosting yeasts — and they’ve made making double IPA fun again! The brewer’s toolbox for making amazing hoppy beer has never been so vast! These are hops that have been processed and packaged to last, and wow, trust us, can they throw a ton of amazing aroma that was nigh-impossible to get from classic pelletized hops. 

Stars on Ice! is a double IPA for 2024: it’s light, bright, dreamy, and fun. It features a heavy hand with Strata CGX– the concentrated hop pellet that our friends at Crosby Farms developed, and Mosaic Incognito– an infamous liquid form of Mosaic that helps create a deeply saturated, oily hop flavor. We couple these with some New Zealand-grown Nectaron which brings a ton of stonefruit and old school diesel to the plate, and Talus, the under-appreciated supporting actor, that throws notes of lime leaf, tangerine, and peach melba. Come join the DIPA party!



  • Availability Limited 2023-24
  • IBU 40
  • ABV 8.1
  • Hops Strata CGX, Nectaron, Mosaic, Talus
  • MALT Two Row, Vienna, CaraFoam
  • Packaging Kegs,Cans

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