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The Sublime Helles Lager

Lager! We’ve long enjoyed making lagers at Breakside. These beers are universally loved by our brewers, and for good reason: they are refreshing, smooth, drinkable, clean, and complex. We’re excited to see that our customers are enjoying these styles more and more each year.

Helles! No style of traditional lager is closer to our heart than classic Bavarian Helles. When done well, these beers strike an astonishing balance: they are malty but not sweet, dry but not bitter, hoppy but only a bit. No wonder that a whole region of Germany considers it part of their birthright and civic duty to drink one every day. This take on Helles is one of our favorites: originally a collaboration recipe made with Templin Family Brewing out of Salt Lake City, we combine the malt and bitterness levels of a traditional Helles with a more assertive hop aroma by bringing some modern IPA techniques to traditional German lager. We cool pool this Helles and add a “Pilsner level” of hops in the whirlpool, extracting delicate herbal and floral hop aromatics without adding any undue bitterness. The result, like a Romantic view of snow-capped peaks, is sublime.


sweet herbs, soft, baguette

  • Availability May-July 2024
  • IBU 18
  • ABV 5.2
  • Hops Hersbrucker, Lorien
  • MALT German Pilsner
  • Packaging Kegs,Cans

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