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Whirligig Wheat / Pelican Collab)


Our sixth in-state collaboration for our 10th anniversary is with Pelican Brewing Co, a true institution of the Oregon Coast and one of the luminaries of the Oregon beer world. For the past quarter century, Pelican has been the standard bearer for excellence in Oregon beer. With more GABF and World Beer Cup wins than any other brewery in the state, they have produced refined, clean, eminently drinkable, delicious, and exactingly precise beer under the leadership of longtime brewmaster Darron Welch. We’ve managed to get a few pro tips and secrets out of him over the years, but seriously, Darron’s influence on how we’ve developed our approach to designing, evaluating, and improving our beer cannot be overstated. We were thrilled that Darron agreed to collaborate with us as part of this commemorative project, and we chose to challenge ourselves to develop a new, experimental-leaning beer that was also approachable–  something innovative for summer drinking. Whirligig is the result of these efforts. It’s a satiating, unfiltered wheat beer that harkens to classic summer beers from great breweries worldwide. It is brewed with a fruity yeast strain and gets a jolt of bright citrusy tartness from a large addition of both orange and rhubarb late in fermentation. We bet it’s been a blue moon since you’ve had a new wheat beer this delicious, nuanced, and refreshing!


Orange, Rhubarb

  • Availability Aug-Sep
  • IBU 26
  • ABV 5.4%
  • Hops Mt. Hood
  • MALT Two Row, Superior Pils, White Wheat
  • Packaging Kegs,Cans

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