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White Tea Lager

Lager! We’ve long enjoyed making lagers at Breakside. These beers are universally loved by our brewers, and for good reason: they are refreshing, smooth, drinkable, clean, and complex. We’re excited to see that our customers are enjoying these styles more and more each year.
We first brewed White Tea Lager in 2019 at our Dekum pub. It became a quick favorite of our brewers and taproom regulars, winning medals at the Oregon Beer Awards and North American Beer Awards along the way. We are thrilled to offer it in wide release for the first time! This beer combines a herbaceous and tea-like hop character with a pronounced fruitiness from white tea flowers. We use rice and pilsner malt to support the tea with a medium-light body, and the beer manages to both be satiating and evanescent at the same time. White Tea Lager finishes with a snappiness that marries hop bitterness, light tannins, and a refreshing minerality.

peach ring, melon, floral, jasmine

  • Availability 50L Draft and 16 oz Cans
  • IBU 16
  • ABV 5.1
  • Hops Mt. Hood
  • MALT German Pilsner, Pale Wheat, Cara 8
  • Packaging 50L,Cans

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